Munich Excursion- Important Info!

Dear students,

The buses will leave for Munich on Thursday at 8:00am from Paul-Zobel-Straße and 8:15am from Adalbertstraße. Please do not be late!

You have all been emailed a tentative schedule for the excursion and some suggested places to visit while in Munich. Except for the departure times, all planned events are completely optional. On the bus ride to Munich we will try to get an aprox. head count for the bigger Saturday excursions to Salzburg, Austria and Neuschwanstein castle, so think now about whether or not you are interested in either of those options.

If time allows we will be stopping at the Reichsparteigelände (Former Nazi Rallying Grounds) on the way down as we pass through Nürnberg. However, you should bring something with you to eat on the bus! We will not be officially stopping for food until the group dinner in Munich.

If you have any other questions, please contact Claire (, 01575-0675645)

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