Stammtisch Events this week!

Dear Students,

We have three great Stammtisch meetings happening this week! Come out and practice/ learn some German!

Wednesday: Survival German Stammtisch (hosted by Emma Woelk and Steffen Kaupp): Wed, 7:00pm, Kuchenrausch (Simon-Dach Str. 1, 10245)

See previous email for directions from Paul-Zobel-Str. and Adalbertstr. apartments.

Wednesday: Regular Stammtisch (hosted by Tres Lambert): Wed, 7:30pm, Eschenbräu brewery in Wedding. Eschenbräu is regarded as one of the better microbreweries in Berlin right now.

Directions from Adalbertstr.: Take the U1 from Kottbuser Tor towards Uhlandstr. Change to the U6 Alt-Tegel at Hallesches Tor. Get off at Leopoldplatz and you can walk from there. The place is tucked back into a courtyard behind an elementary school, so keep an eye out for posted signs telling you how to get there. From the Leopoldplatz U-bahn station, walk southwest on Schulstr. towards Müllerstraße. Continue onto Luxemburger Str. Then turn left onto Triftstr. and the brewery will be on your right (look for the signs).

Directions from Paul-Zobel-Str.: Take the M8 tram towards Nordbahnhof. Get off at S. Landsburger Allee and take the S42 Ringbahn. Get of at S+U Wedding and walk from there to the brewery, keeping an eye out for signs that will point you in the right direction. Head NW on Müllerstraße toward Burgsdorfstr. and then turn left onto Triftstr. The brewery will be on your left.

For maps from Adalbertstr. and Paul-Zobel-Str. apartments, please see previous email sent to all students.

Thursday Stammtisch (hosted by Holly Eades): Thursday, 7:30pm, Szimpla Kaffeehaus Budapest (Gärtnerstraße 15, 10245).

See previous email sent to all students for maps/directions from Adalbertstr. and Paul-Zobel-Str. apartments.


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