Upcoming Free Cultural Events

Here are some free cultural events coming up in June:

Saturday, June 7: Karneval der Subkulturen–an alternative to the traditional “Karneval der Kulturen.” See their Facebook page for more info:

Saturday and Sunday, June 14th and 15th: Lesbisch-schwules Strassenfest (Lesbian-Gay Street Festival) http://www.berlin.de/events/2094393-2229501-lesbischschwules-stadtfest.html
http://www.regenbogenfonds.de/index_en.php (English)

Saurday, June 21st: Fete de la musique– free, open air concerts of various styles of music taking place throughout the city. Bands, orchestras, choirs, soloists and DJs perform music on public squares, in the streets and in other public places. http://www.fetedelamusique.de/berlin/ (German) http://www.fetedelamusique.de/en/berlin-2/ (English)

Saturday, June 21st: Christopher Street Day/ Pride Parade– Christopher Street Day is the annual European LGBT celebration and demonstration that is held in various cities across Europe for the rights of LGBT people, and against discrimination and exclusion. There will be a parade and various other events in Berlin, more info can be found here: in German-http://csd-berlin.de/
and in English-  http://www.berlin.de/en/events/2096878-2842498-csd-christopher-street-day.en.htm

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