Dresden Excursion

Dear Dresden travelers,

We are very much looking forward to our trip and are working on some fun things for you to do while we’re there!

Some information before we leave:
We are leaving on Saturday. The bus will first stop at Paul-Zobel-Strasse at 7:30am, then at Adalbertstrasse at 8:00am.

Paul-Zobel-Straße students: please be downstairs in front of the apartments ready to leave at 7:20am on Saturday.

Adalbertstraße students: please be downstairs in front of the apartments ready to leave at 7:50 am on Saturday.

Please be punctual!

Make sure to pack appropriate clothing. The weather forecast predicts warm but rainy weather. Be sure to also wear comfortable walking shoes.

We will be eating at a restaurant uphill from the bridge called Blaues Wunder. As we are a fairly large group the restaurant has asked us to place our order beforehand. Here is an English translation of the menu.

ham and cheese platter
large salad with turkey strips
large bowl of potato soup with sausages
Dresden beef roast with cabbage and potato dumplings
galantine with potatoes
sauerkraut with sausages, ham and potatoes
sliced turkey in mushroom sauce with rice and vegetables
battered plaice (fish) with potatoes and salad
penne pasta with mozzarella, tomato sauce, arugula and parmesan

Please make sure to email your advisor by Friday with your choice for the main course.

Looking forward to a great trip!

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