German 101: Excursion to the Berlinische Galerie

On Monday, May 26th Claire Scott’s section of Elementary German 1 took a trip to the Berlinische Galerie. The students found that some of the modern art was well suited to their status as German language beginners as they were able to practice the alphabet and numbers before they even made it to the main exhibition. Once inside students encountered the colorful work of Dorothy Iannone, an American-born artist now living in Berlin, as well as Emilio Vedova’s “Absurd Berlin Diary ’64.”

The themes of the day were the joys and the trials of adjusting to life in a different country and the process of learning to speak a new language as students ended the excursion with a short film that cited Mark Twain’s famous essay on “The Awful German Language.” Here’s hoping that the students will go on to write their own absurd Berlin diary in the coming weeks!

claire1    Conor, Mishal, Allyson, and Callie enjoy Kühn Malvezzi’s famous yellow field

claire2Miguel and Kai Yu check out Vedova’s “Absurd Berlin Diary ’64”

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