Potsdam Excursion- Important Information!

I hope everyone is looking forward to our exciting excursion to Potsdam on Saturday! Below is important information about our trip, so please read carefully:

Students who live on Adalbertstraße: Meet downstairs at the corner store on Saturday morning at 8:45 am.
Students who live on Paul-Zobel-Straße: Meet outside the apartments on Saturday morning at 8:15 am.

Please be punctual and bring the following items with you on the excursion:

Your 7-day public transportation ticket. If you have not done so already, please make sure to get your new weekly transportation pass from your advisor. Your old pass will expire at the end of the day on Friday, so it is very important that you have your new ticket ready to bring with you on the excursion by Saturday. Please talk to your advisor if you have not yet received your new ticket. All tickets must also be validated at the train station on Saturday.

Umbrella and/or rain jacket. The current weather forecasts suggests that it might rain in the afternoon, and we will be outside all day. If you did not bring an umbrella, here are some places to buy an inexpensive one.

Near Paul-Zobel-Str apartments: Rossmann — it is a couple blocks “behind” Netto – here’s a map. You can either walk through a park to get there or take the tram M8 1 stop to Anton-Saefkow-Platz.

Near Adalbertstraße apartments: Rossman — Walk down Adalbertstraße towards the Kottbuser Tor U-bahn station. Rossmann is on the right hand side next to the outdoor market near the entrance to the U-bahn.

Near the classrooms: Go to the “dm” location near Nordbahnhof (where Paul-Zobel students get off the M8 to walk to the classrooms. Here’s a map).

While you’re out and about: Both of Germany’s big Walgreens-equivalents (Rossmann and dm) will have umbrellas and they have many locations throughout the city. There is a dm at Alexanderplatz (on the opposite side of the train station as the TV tower).

Water and Snack: a small sandwich, apple/banana, gummy bears, etc. Lunch will be provided, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring a snack in case you get hungry. Please also remember to bring a bottle of water with you. We will be doing a lot of walking and you will get thirsty.

Cell phone and Camera: Please always have your cell phones with you and turned on (this does not only apply to excursions!)

Comfortable shoes: We will be doing a great deal of walking on this trip. Please wear your most comfortable walking shoes.

Looking forward to a great trip! See you on Saturday!

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