Philharmony on Wednesday

Our trip to the Philharmony is happening on Wednesday, May 21st. For those of you who are attending, Tayler will be leading a group to go to the Philharmony together on Wednesday evening. We will be meeting downstairs in front of the apartments at Adalbertstraße at 5:45 to head to the lecture before the performance. There will be one lecture in English and one in German.

Here is some more information about the performance:
Conductor: Neeme Järvi
To be performed:
Haydn: Concert for Violoncello und Orchester Nr. 1C -Dur
Atterberg: Symphony Nr 6 C-Dur op 31
Mozart: Symphony Nr 35 D-Dur

There will be a lecture in German at 6:55 pm in the gallery of the Philharmony. There will also be an English lecture for those who do not speak German.

Make sure to choose appropriate attire for the performance. Please dress a little bit nicer than you normally would (no T-shirts and sneakers).



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