Welcome to the website for Rutgers-Duke Summer in Berlin, a six-week study abroad program based in one of Europe’s most exciting cities and organized jointly by Duke and Rutgers Universities. In this packed, intensive and fun-filled program, we take classes and explore Berlin during the week, and then venture out to other cities in Germany (and beyond!) for weekend excursions. This website is intended as both a source of information about the program and as a resource for our current summer students.


If you are looking for photographs, descriptions of our activities, and a look into what we do in our classes, check out the News page. If you are a current student hoping to find an answer to a question, some information about excursions or a recommendation of something new to check out in Berlin, check out the various tabs in the navigation menu above. And no matter who you are, if you have a question, comment or suggestion for us (about this website or otherwise), get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!